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Sapphire Berry, was born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, California.

Spiritually, she studied under Frederick K.C. Price at Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles. She furthered her spiritual education while attending Marilyn Hickey Bible School in Denver, Colorado. She received her ministry training at Heritage Christian Center under Bishop Dennis Leonard also located in Denver. While in Colorado, Sapphire’s ministry began to bloom. She began ministering weekly at Mountain Song Foursquare Church in Indian Hills, Colorado, under Wes Schoel.

This evolved into Milk and Honey Ministries, a radio ministry that was aired throughout Colorado, Kansas, and parts of Arkansas. Sapphire continued developing her ministry training and received her minister’s license under Bishop Gary McIntosh at Greenwood Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was later ordained under the (CME) Christian

Methodist Episcopal Church. As a member of the Potter’s House, she has been teaching throughout the prison system in Texas under Bishop T. D Jakes.

Run the Race Marked Out for You

Run the Race Marked Out for You